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Le Gospel

     L'origine du Gospel

La musique noire américaine plonge ses racines dans les traditions africaines. Sur les navires des négriers, les captifs chantaient et en eux résonnaient le souvenir de cette Afrique associant depuis toujours le chant aux circonstances de la vie.

Arrivés sur le Nouveau Monde, les esclaves déforment les mélodies chantées durant les offices car leur tradition vocale est fondée sur des gammes pentatoniques et leur langue originelle ne leur permet pas une prononciation aisée de l'anglais : c'est l'origine du swing, par l'escamotage des syllabes faibles et le déplacement des accents toniques.

Ainsi naissent les Negro-Spirituals, symbolisant la voix et l'histoire d'un peuple opprimé dont la musique était le seul exutoire.

La distinction entre Negro-Spirituals et Gospel correspond à un découpage historique : les Negro-Spirituals sont nés dans les zones rurales tandis que les premiers mouvements Gospel, fortement influencés par le jazz et le blues, se forment dans les ghettos des grandes villes. Cette musique,accompagnée d'une orchestration, a pris son essor dans les années 1930. 

     Notre répertoire

A long way                                Amazing Grace                              The Lord is my shepherd                       

Amen                                        From a distance                             Can't give up now

His name will shine                   I can go to the rock                        The Lord is my light

I love the Lord                           I will follow him                                Ride on King Jesus

Lean on me                              Happy Day  / Oh andro soa           Prayer will fix it

Kumbaya my Lord                   N'kosi Sikeleli                                 Higher higher

Praise him                               Swing low, sweet chariot                 Jesus is a rock

Total Praise                             This little light of mine                     Hallelujah

Trouble in my way                   King Jesus is listening                   Put your hand

Wade in the water                    Joyfull                                            So good

How I got over                          I cannot tell it all                             Hosanna

We shall overcome                 Jesus promised                             My Love, my Life, my All

Oh taste and see                     Glory Alleluia                                 Down by the riverside

Nothing gonna stop me           Blessed shall you be                     Oh Freedom 

Whatever you want                  Precious Lord                                I'm on my way

Motherless Child                      Highway to heaven                        Go down Moses

I'll go to Jesus                          I love you                                       All we ask

I'll love to praise him                Naye Naye                                    We shall overcome

What if God                             When we all                                    Great is your mercy

Goin'up yonder                        Hold on                                           Go tell it on the mountain

Ain't got time to die                  All night                                          Jesosy Reharehako

One love                                  Holy ghost power                           Shake the foundation

Can't live without your love      Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord

In the sanctuary                       I will sing Halleluyah                      People get ready

I'm sanctified                           Andriamanitra fitiavanao ianao      Now behold the Lamb

Zah tsy ahefa                          Lord I know I've been changed      Stir up the gift

Praise Him                              Melodies from Heaven                   I don't know why Jesus loves me

Down to the river to pray         Let Our God arise                          Say a little prayer for you

Above all                                  Khumbaya                                     Bless the Lord

Over the Rainbow                    If I tell God about my problems     I woke up this morning

This morning when I rose        Mighty good God                           We bring the sacrifice of praise

Magnify the Lord                     Everlasting Arm                             How great is our God

Victory                                     Let the sunshine                            My soul doth magnify the Lord

Uélé moliba makasi                He that believeth                            Open the eyes of my heart

Gain the world                         I open my mouth to the Lord          The storm is passing over

The river Jordan                     Ain't no sunshine                            Get your blessing

Make you feel my love           I need your spirit                             God is my everything

You're an awesome God        He's able                                         Holy Holy Holy

Shosholoza                             He's alright                                      I smile

My Desire                               Bye and bye                                    Happy

How excellent is thy name     Walking in the light                          One day

Made me whole                      Come thou Almighty King               You go to do right

Baba Yetu                              I will sing praises                              Better is one day

He's gonna work it out


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